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    Hey guys! REVIVED REALMS official release is upon us and there are a ton of new updates that improve the server and gameplay for you guys! So let us dig in!

    Firstly, we have edited a code of the premium CustomEnchants plugin for you guys to add more features. There are only a few extra enchants at this moment in time but there will be more added in the future. We have done this so our server becomes unique with our own custom enchantments that make the server better.

    Secondly, we have switched from the Mcore Factions to FactionsUUID and are using an add-on to it created by our very own ProSavage. This add-on will allow us to give you a better factions experience. It adds a whole lot of new and custom commands that will give you guys a completely new factions experience.
    A few features that come with this add-on:
    » FactionFly will be available to all players. This lets players fly in their own faction land. If an enemy is in the chunk that you are in and you have faction fly enabled then it will automatically disable and you will fall to the ground. Fall damage is disabled as this happens.
    » FactionStealth will be a donator perk. This will allow players to go into an enemies chunk and will not disable anything that shows they are close by. This will not disable a rival faction players faction fly, commands or anything else.
    » FactionWarps will be available to all players. This will allow players to set up warps inside the faction to teleport to locations set by the leader/officer. These warps can be password protected if chosen to.
    » FactionUpgrades will be available to all players. This will allow you to upgrade features inside your faction. These features include the number of warps your faction can set, speeding up crop production in faction claims, speeding up mob spawner production in faction claims, gaining more XP in faction claims and many more upgrades to come!
    This add-on includes a ton more commands and features that you will be able to explore when the server releases!

    Thirdly, we also have another fully custom coded FactionsWar plugin. This will allow factions to declare war and taking it to the arena! We have an arena set up and much more to come. All items in the wars will be player owned items and all lost times will go to whoever picks them up. Any items left on the floor will disappear and no one will be able to claim them. Wars last a total of 15 minutes or until a whole team dies. Once a whole team dies players will have a total of 60 seconds to collect any drops before the war ending.

    Fourthly, we have a custom coded 'REVIVEDCore' which adds a lot of extra features to the server. This plugin works with FactionWars to hold data for the 'points system' that will be implicated upon release. Currently, there is a stats command that will show kills, deaths, balance and a lot of other things! More features will be added to the core soon!

    There are a whole lot of new updates that will take place upon release of REVIVED REALMS so be sure to get on and check them out!

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